Buyers Guide Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG R171
We’re back with another SLK but with our rather more substantial budget we’ve been able to treat ourselves to the full-fat SLK55 and if you’re looking for full-on driving thrills, this is the machine for you. While rivals BMW and Porsche were happy putting their hottest straight-sixes into their range-topping roadsters, AMG’s engineers decided to stick a V8 into the diminutive R171 SLK and the result was completely and utterly unhinged, and that’s exactly why it’s on our list.
Buying Guide Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG W212
As if you need a reason to want a monstrously fast V8-powered super-saloon? The W212 received a couple of different engines in its lifetime, starting with the 6.2-litre M156 V8 before then being fitted with the M157 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 in 2011 and then receiving what was surely be the most dramatic facelift of just about any car ever made in 2013. Whichever engine you go for, and whether you opt for the more angular pre- or smoother post-facelift model, the W212 E63 is an awesome machine.
Buyers Guide Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG R230
Even 18 years on from its launch, the R230 SL remains arguably one of the best-looking models Mercedes has ever produced. The styling is just so right, sleek, elegant, perfectly proportioned, beautifully balanced and there’s not one bad angle anywhere on this car. It looks as good today as it did when it was launched, and perhaps even better because each subsequent angular generation has only served to highlight how good the R230 truly is.
Buying Guide Mercedes-AMG C63 W205
The W205 C63 had a very hard act to follow because its predecessor, the W204 C63, was so awesome and so popular, and while this was a very different car, slightly less raw and wild perhaps, it was no less impressive. Buying Guide W205 C63 AMG  OVER £20K WHY YOU WANT ONEIt’s a spectacular performance saloon and there’s a lot about this machine that makes it a very tempting proposition. Let’s begin under the bonnet with the M177; yes, the 4.
Buyers Guide Ferrari Mondial
Buy a Ferrari for Mondeo money’ screamed the headlines in the car magazines of 20 years ago. They’d latched on to the fact that for the same money as a new family hatch, you could put a classic Ferrari in your garage. It was usually the 308 GT4 that they featured, or perhaps the 365/400/412, if not the other generally unloved Ferrari 2+2, the Mondial.
Upgrade Guide Ford Cortina Mk3
Stylish and plentiful, the now-iconic Mk3 Ford Cortina has lots going for it. Here’s how to make it even better. IMPROVING YOUR CLASSIC FORD JUST GOT EASIER Ford MK3 CORTINA UPGRADE GUIDE: Mk3 Cortina Get more from your Cokebottle Cortina without ruining its classic appeal with our fivepage tuning guide. The shape of the Cortina throughout the years has always been a good reflection of the times in which they were made.
Database: Morris Minor 1948-1971
All the essential info on the car which is often credited with having kick-started the entire classic car scene. DATABASE: MORRIS MINOR THE MARKETPLACE / THE CARS / THE BEGINNING Facts, figures and history on the vehicle which kick-started the whole classic car movement in the UK. The post-war Morris Minor became a legend in its own lifetime.
1952 Austin A40 Somerset
Some cars are neglected and fall by the wayside, others are more fortunate and get restored. Only a select few are lucky enough to be maintained in perfectly original condition from new. Romer Adams' Austin Somerset is one of them. STORY TOLD TO SIMON GOLDSWORTHY AUSTIN SOMERSET AN ORIGINAL SURVIVOR Austin Somerset. A car that has survived nearly 70 years without a rebuild and is in fi ne shape. I know you couldn't have bought this Somerset new because you are far too young!
Are car dealers guilty of causing the diesel decline?
Over the past 18 months, I haven’t been able to go out that much, I haven’t had the three foreign holidays that my wife and I treat ourselves to, and even Christmas was a muted affair due to the restrictions on movement. So as a result, my bank account is looking considerably healthier than it would normally do. After some discussion with my wife, we’ve decided to change both of our cars, which is something we usually only do once every five or six years.
BMW 540i xDrive M Sport Saloon G30
BMW’s low-profile G30 540i xDrive M Sport Saloon is quick, readily tuned and much better value than an M550i or M5. The eye-wateringly expensive £102,000 G30 M5 and £72,000 G30 M550i xDrive might grab most of the 5 Series headlines, but the understated G30 540i xDrive M Sport has all the power and grip you’ll ever need – and is far better value.
Do you remember your first car ride?
Do you remember your first car ride? Of course not, you were an infant who couldn’t even support your own head. But I bet your parents have told you about it” The glint of the cherry red Camaro caught my eye, luring me in for a closer look. It was a minter, my untrained eye guessing a ’68 model, its paint, chrome splashes and gleaming glass clearly the work of an owner that cared. A lot. But it wasn’t until I leaned in to peer through the glass that I spotted the best part.
Ferrari 575M
Ferrari’s 575M accelerated the ground-breaking 550 into a more modern age with the option of F1 transmission and a more accessible nature. For some, this makes it less desirable than the 550 – but the market sees it another way.
Technology explained Power Steering Plus by Porsche
This optional assistance system helps make light work of tight manoeuvres in your Neunelfer – Total 911 takes a closer look… This issue, our ‘technology explained’ column centres on Porsche Power Steering Plus, a software rather than a mechanical system on the Porsche 911. Introduced as an option for the 991 (and still available, again as an option, on the 992 generation), ‘PSP’ is a speed-sensitive power assistance steering system.
Sales debate - Should you be worried about buying a Porsche 911 GT3 991.1?
The 991.1 GT3 has certainly led an interesting life to date: unveiled to much animosity in spring 2013 due to its non-Mezger engine, electric-assisted steering and PDK-only transmission, by the autumn early cars were catching fire, which led to a worldwide recall and replacement engines. The saga rumbled on for months and proved costly for the company, yet unbelievably the 991.1 GT3’s stock remained high among enthusiasts, with used examples trading for well above list price.
Buick Wildcat
You might associate Buick’s Wildcat nameplate with hot-rodded executive saloons, sizzling sedans if you like, but the nameplate originated on something far more radical, as Richard Heseltine discovers… To label the Buick Wildcat as being obscure is perhaps disingenuous, but it remains underappreciated in concept car lore. While not one of General Motors’ showstopping greats, it wasn’t without influence.
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