Aerodynamicist and sage Norbert Singer recalls how every new Porsche boss was keen to make their mark as quickly as possible
Aerodynamicist and sage Norbert Singer recalls how every new Porsche boss was keen to make their mark as quickly as possible. When the ambitious Ulrich Bez returned to Porsche as head of engineering, changes were expected. And changes there were: Porsche’s limited motorsport budget would henceforth concentrate on F1.  From his vantage point at BMW, Ulrich had been impressed by Porsche’s collaboration with McLaren, which had resulted in two manufacturers’ and three drivers’ championships.
How and why are Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes fitted to high-performance 911s so effective?
Unveiled at the 1999 IAA show in Frankfurt, Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes – PCCBs for short – first appeared on the 996 model GT2 of 2001. This was the first production sports car to use the technology. Disc brakes may have been patented in 1902, but it took until the middle of that century for production cars to perfect the technology, including Porsche’s development of the ventilated disc brake, first used on the 906-8 Bergspider of 1965 and utilised on the 911S the following year.
Brexit still having an effect on the used Porsche marketplace?
Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016. Despite ongoing wrangling, the general consensus is that Brexit is indeed done. What impact has that decision and the many economic changes had on the 911 market? Sales debate“That’s an interesting topic,” says Jonathan Ostroff, sales manager at Hexagon Classics. “Brexit hasn’t affected the UK right-hand drive car values, as they were never very sought after by our EU partners (excepting Eire, Cyprus and Malta),” Jonathan rightly points out.
Dead on arrival: the FWD Chevrolet Camaro
How General Motors’ performance linchpin was spared the indignity of losing drive to the rear. Since the late 1960s, the pony car had been a mainstay of American car culture, built to a simple formula of driven wheels at the rear and a hearty engine at the front, preferably a V8. Yet, amazingly, during the 1980s both Ford and GM drew up plans to delete the V8s from their pony car mainstays, the Mustang and the Camaro, and make them front-wheel drive.
Electric vehicles are part of a wider system, and they will only deliver on climate change
Mass market electric cars have been with us for about a decade now, and for all of that time, the popular Fully Charged YouTube channel has been on hand to explain to anyone who is interested in the subject what’s going on.  The bigger pictureSince 2018, though, Fully Charged has not just been an online presence but a series of live events as well.
Market Watch 1973 Citroën SM
Wrong car, wrong time, sums up the troubled history of the glorious Citroën SM. France’s staunch nationalism desired a grande routière to follow the defunct Facel-Vega marque, yet Citroën would have made more profits concentrating on a range of smaller, family cars as an antidote to the rising costs of petrol. The carefree world where you drove from Paris to Saint Tropez before lunch was changing fast.
Market Watch 1995 Volvo 850 T5-R
I was there to witness the Volvo 850 T5-R miracle. A press car appeared in the BBC Pebble Mill car park – where those early-Nineties series of Top Gear were filmed – and Clarkson and I took it for a spin. We ripped through Birmingham, front tyres fighting for grip and out onto the M6, laughing out loud at the amazing, incredible urge. That day we both sensed that this was a seminal moment in Volvo’s history. A break from its sensible heritage with a large helping of Swedish mischief.
EV reality check
With all the hype currently out there surrounding electric vehicles, Evanswonders if the real world implications have actually been considered. GMC Hummer EV. Image: GM Recently I tuned into a press conference regarding electric vehicle (EV) adoption.
Alfa-Romeo Tonale too good to fail
Our new Italian columnist – design critic Matteo Licata – explains why the new Alfa-Romeo Tonale needs to succeed at all costs I'll turn 40 this year, and I've been hearing bold Alfa Romeo revival plans for as long as I've been alive. Yet, to put it mildly, success has proven elusive. Arguably, there have been times when it seemed the ‘Biscione’ was back for good, for instance between 1998 and 2002 when the 156 and 147 posted record sales and Alfa dominated European Touring Car racing.
Porsche donates €1m to help those affected by Ukraine crisis
Like many European businesses, due to the current situation in Ukraine, Porsche has suspended the delivery of its products to Russia until further notice. Additionally, Porsche has decided to donate one million euros to those affected by the conflict. Of this amount, €750,000 will go to the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe e.V. (UN Refugee Aid), a long-standing partner of the Volkswagen Group delivering crucial practical support on the ground.
What the PASM?
With an engineering background and previous career in Formula One, performance driver coach Neil Furber reveals his blend of driving tips and vehicle technology explanations to help you get more from your rear-engined machine. Somewhat of a Stuttgart stalwart since the 997, PASM has long been a hot topic among customers who are new to the world of Porsche. Referring to its full name hints at what secrets lie within the acronym: Porsche Active Suspension Management.
Are all-wheel-drive Porsche 911s a more difficult sales proposition than rear-wheel-drive models?
We’ve had the option of an all-wheel drive 911 for over 30 years, with increasing variants for every generation since the 964. How does the market favour those models over their 2WD brothers? Is there a difference in the market between 2WD and 4WD? Sales debate“In short, yes,” says Jonathan Aucott of Avantgarde Classics, who mainly trades in air-cooled 911s. “But the question is, what is the model?” he adds.
Market Watch BMW Z4 M40i G29
BMW’s striking G29 Z4 M40i comfortably delivers M car performance with the reassurance of a manufacturer warranty. Words: Guy Baker Photography: Various. Market Watch BMW Z4 M40i G29MW’s G29 Z4 M40i is the nearest thing you can buy to a contemporary Z4M Roadster. And with M car performance, impressive handling, rakish good looks and a plush spec it delivers in all the key areas.
Lost Loves Audi Coupé
What’s the worst car you’ve ever owned? Maybe it was your first car; something bought for next to no money and maintained with crossed fingers and fresh air. Maybe it’s the car you have now, but that’s a fairly depressing thing to think about so try not to dwell on it for too long. Mine was a 1992 Audi Coupé 2.0E, bought in Leeds, in the rain, and in the dark.
Guilty Pleasure Chevrolet Epica
Cover up the Chevrolet bow-tie logo and anyone beyond the membership of the Society of Korean Saloon Apologists would struggle to name the manufacturer. It smacks of a car designed by committee to appeal to a global audience. As inoffensive as a local radio station playlist, although arguably more tuneful if you opt for the Porsche-engineered, transversely mounted, straight-six engine.
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